Full Physiotherapy Assessment and Treatment Plan


This includes gait analysis, stance analysis, musculoskeletal check, active and passive range of motion tests, muscle measurements, treatment and exercise plan. Full report sent to your vet along with stance analyser results. 

Home visit: £50 

Clinic visit: £45 

Working/Competitive Dog Assessment 


Designed specifically for the working and competitive dogs. The assessment will include slow motion gait analysis, stance analysis, musculoskeletal check, active and passive range of motion tests, measurements and balance tests. After all the information is gathered, exercises will then be recommended to improve any areas of weakness. We can also discuss appropriate warm up and cool down sessions. 

Home visit: £45 

Clinic visit: £40 

Learn how to massage one to one or small group session  

dog massage.jpg

Learn the benefits of massage in a relaxed and personalised environment. On booking you will receive a handout which will include a step by step guide on how to undertake a full body massage for your dog. During the session, we will assess your dog to see what areas we can focus on. We will then run through each technique making sure you have plenty of hands on practice. 

Home visit: £35

Clinic visit: £30

Follow- up Physiotherapy Treatment 


This will include a review/re assessment of your pets progress and treatment. Treatment may involve manual therapies, electrotherapies, an/or land based exercises. 

Home visit: £40 

Clinic visit: £35 

Geriatric Small Animal Assessment


Designed specifically for our geriatric pets. The assessment will include gait analysis, stance analysis, musculoskeletal check, passive range of motion tests, muscle measurements and exercises to test abilities to perform daily activities. Within the session we will discuss joint supplements, other complimentary therapies such as hydrotherapy and how you can change your home environment to help your pet. Exercises will be recommended to help your dog maintain mobility. 

Home visit: £45 

Clinic visit: £40 

Learn how to safely use Fitpaws equipment 

Paw pods.jpg

Learn how to properly use the fitpaws equipment for exercising and conditioning your dog. Equipment will include balance pads, wobble cushion, paw pods, cavaletti, peanut, donut, rocker board. We will also discuss properly warming your dog up and cooling them down. 


Clinic visit only: £25