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Leanne Turner Small Animal Physiotherapy 

Supportive veterinary physiotherapy for your dogs, cats and small animals. Our qualified physiotherapist covers Hampshire, West Sussex and surrounding areas. Leanne Turner has a clinic based within The Canine Fitness Centre at Froxfield but also offers house visits to those unable to travel or preferring treatment in the comfort of their own home.  

Leanne Turner provides informative and in-depth assessments. Part of these physiotherapy assessments involves collecting objective measurements which allows us to review and assess your pets progress and guide you through a successful rehabilitation programme. All treatment plans are tailored to each individual pet.

Leanne Turner will support you and your pet throughout the rehabilitation process. Her patient and caring approach will make you feel at ease and assured your beloved pet is receiving the bet possible care.


What we offer

One to one care 


No dog who comes to see Leanne is treated the same. 

Each session is tailored to suit the requirements of both owner and dog. She offers house visits for those unable to travel and has a clinic based in Froxfield which has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere

At the clinic our aim is for you to feel at home so your dogs feel relaxed in the environment and enjoy there physiotherapy sessions. It is important that we keep your dogs stress levels to a minimum throughout their rehabilitation journey as stress can hinder your dogs healing rates and affects their well being. After their first session, most of our dogs are pulling there owners into the centre because they just love being here. 

If however, your dog does not settle, Leanne will think of alternative options, keeping your dogs well being at the top of her priorities.  

Personalised treatment plans 

Treatment plans may include any of the following:

  • Laser therapy

  • Electromagnetic field therapy 

  • Massage therapy and trigger point release

  • Passive range of motion exercises and stretches

  • Land based exercises

  • Body wraps 

  • TEN's and NMES


Every patient will go home with a plan tailored for them with individualised goals.  

Regular reviews and re-assessments 

At the beginning of each session Leanne will ask you how everything has been going. Her main priority is  your pets health and well being. If the rehabilitation programme isn't working for you and your dog it is important that she knows so she can adapt and support you in every way possible. 

Leanne will regularly re assess your dogs progress to make sure the treatment programme suits your dog. This is achieved by regular gait analysis, stance analysis, muscle measurements and abilities to complete certain tasks (dependant on dog). 

After the initial assessment, your vet will receive a report. They will then receive 6 weekly updates dependant on each dog. 

Some reviews from our lovely owners....

'Leanne is great with the dogs, 2 of my working dogs had a gait analysis session with her and I was really impressed. No hesitation in recommending Leanne'

'Leanne is patient, kind and very knowledgeable. She has helped both my collies. They both lead very active lives and do agility for fun. She treats my 8 year old who has lots of little niggly problems and keeps him comfortable and allows him to continue doing what he loves. My youngster is 3 and she sees him every couple of months to ensure there are no problems developing. I cannot recommend Leanne enough!!! I trust her completely with my boys and they love seeing her'

'Leanne is professional, friendly, so easy to get on with, she put my dog at ease in a calm and gentle way. So interesting listening to her, I’m now looking forward to doing the exercises with my pup, to ensure he grows in a balanced strong way.'